Jim Patterson, County Supervisor has been a long time supporter to the fight against Cancer. Coming from personal loss, like most of us, he supports with conviction increased education and expansion of services for individuals and families facing cancer in our community. Over the last several years he has been a financial sponsor and participant of the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, spending countless hours listening and encouraging survivors to Celebrate, Remember and Fight Back.Image

Since establishing my business in Atascadero 13 years ago Jim has been a beacon. Jim has exhibited a caring presence, whether it was community activities or policies debates which have allowed me to prosper and address socially responsible causes. He has encouraged the redevelopment of our historic downtown, encouraged sustainable growth and expanded use of public space. He has been accountable the particulars of small businesses and county non-profit agencies while working at the county level to support the diverse environment in which we need to grow. Weathering the economic downturn, he has helped encourage tourism and buying local campaigns and personally walks the talk.

For generations to come he has encouraged beautification projects and supported the Parks and Recreation programs. While Jim has ‘Walked a Mile in Her Shoes to support the SARP Center programs and given functions and attended North County Women’s Shelter programs. He is a presence at music events, Colony Days, farmers markets, downtown strolls, Tuesday concerts, dedications and fundraisers of all kinds. While he has danced with Our Stars to Raise Funds for the Atascadero Library, he has also blazed a path to support the De Anza hiking trail, “urban” trails developed along the Atascadero Creek, and a two-wheel supporter of the Regional Rideshare Bike Month year-after-year. In the last few years, he and other Supervisors are clear and informed about our natural resources and his work leadership to protect coastal resources is highly remarkable. His work with California Valley Solar Ranch will make a huge contribution to our front to create renewable clean energy.Image

Jim Patterson and his staff is my hub to better understand and give input towards policy and regulation for ANYTHING be it healthcare, youth programs or smart growth. He is reasonable, attentive and his staff is very well informed and accountable. I have ALWAYS received an answer. He regularly attends the Atascadero City Council and other community functions and his presence has led me to feel that my voice as a citizen, volunteer, and business person can make a difference.

My final comment is that Jim does what he does not for personal recognition or to take sides but because it is “right action.” A brief example is this winter he coordinated an extraordinary panel held at the Baptist Church and El Camino Homeless Organization to pull together community members to understand the needs and role of county agencies, volunteers, public officials, public and mental health practitioners and fundraisers. His efforts and encouragement for responding to the county-wide issues of homelessness and public (mental) health shows what kind of leader he is.

I am hopeful and grateful for the opportunity to have Supervisor Jim Patterson continue to represent the 5th District through the next years.

Mary Uebersax, LMT, RM, Owner

EarthTones Gifts, Gallery & Center for Healing

Fill Up Your Tank

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Oh well, another week. You’ve got a lot on your plate. The busy life threatens with ‘have to finish’, ‘gotta get done’, and ‘showing up’ prepared. Likely fitness or taking time for a healing, centering workout is just off the radar. A tried and true concept is “Ask and you shall receive.” It has been for […]

Gardening of the Heart


Greg weeding

I love gardening and have great vision of my ability.

I love growing my own food and celebrating the timeless tradition of harvest.

Over the last few years, we had hopes to proceed with our garden. The boxes built, the rain settled, the blossoms beginning.

Then…..our family losses came bounding again. With the work on dissolving estates, the return to work we’d ignored and simply dealing with grief of the loss all we could do was just shave down the weeds and droppings of the trees that kept their insidious sprouting.

So what took over was an endless stream of yard sales and de-cluttering. The yummy proposition of getting the home in tack, removing the extra boxes of my parents 80+ years and allowing their relevant history to continue in our life and family was a personal goal. So I trampled on the old lawn, laid out bedding and clothes in lieu of flowers and shrubs, used old branches as displays and hangers, and withered seeds beneath the feet of morning shoppers. No garden. No watering.

Goodbye to Cancer Yard Sale

Cancer Awareness Sale


What life WAS like in those months of despair was mitigated as week after week, I visited my Atascadero Cutting Garden. I had a garden to visit, to connect to to be earthed within.

I’d learn about roses, and fuchsias, and sweet peas. I’d dream as I inhaled lilies and lavender. I would place bulbs for tomorrow.


 It was deferred pleasure until this Earth Day, April 22nd. As the cutting garden is preparing to be sold to a new owner who will grow the sustainable farm, I’ll move on. I have to. This is my reality, moving on. I have to trust what I’ve learned, achieved and gained and plod forward. There will always be a memory of the myriad of bouquets for events, friends, gravesites and just fresh flowers in my home.

Yet, in time the few seeds I have planted can spring forth and one by one I’ll be able to move from the smaller vases to the more elaborate.

Yielding for me one of life’s lessons. Take it easy and accept that there is a time for everything. Holding on to what you’d planned means you miss the pleasure of smelling the roses in this moment.


Earth Day

    Atascadero Cutting Garden

Saturday, April 21

Cut your own flowers for free

1 PM‘til flowers are gone            

10012 San Marcos  93422

Developing Personal Strength

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Strength speaks to us with level upon level. To segment action in only one area of our lives, we build a huge imbalance. Fitness training certainly requires a huge effort in muscular development. Effective training incorporates cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength. Both of these working together allow for greater endurance and strong heart. The tree of […]

Only kindness makes sense

You recall that you made a resounding “Yes”.

Complete This Poll!

When making the decision you observed a sensation. Partly you overcame the fear of opening to someone new and something new. But there was also something you were going towards. Beginning this process is to accept that change is meant to be “kind” and eliminate suffering. Enjoy your choice to return to this goal.

Looking up – begin to focus on what is achievable.

What was it?

The solution is easier than you suspected. with your focus on self development, you’ll be spending as little as 45 minutes a day 3 times a week in order to:

  • Significantly reduce your risk of all types of diseases
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Eliminate disfunctional habits
  • Eliminate junk food cravings
  • Boost your energy
  • Lose body fat and gain lean functional muscles
  • More and more move with grace and ease.

If you feel this is going to be time well spent, than allow yourself to look at the weekly calendar and place three 45 minute workouts on the calendar.

Judy’s Calendar Details

And Just for Today: Do your work honestly and celebrate the success.

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